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Workplace employee healthy eating workshops

We help you introduce healthy eating into your workplace and increase awareness of how it can affect employees’ well-being throughout the day.

A half or full day workshop to assist your people to eat better, sleep better and work better. We show your employees how to make healthier choices and prepare delicious, easy-to-make, healthy food they’ll get to taste for themselves too. They’ll come away knowing that healthy doesn’t mean difficult, time-consuming, complicated, boring, or tasteless.

We don’t just talk about healthy food like most healthy-eating workshop providers. We bring the food; we demo some healthy eating ideas and share our nutrition knowledge. You give your employees life skills and some fun, practical and healthy experiences.

Employee nutrition and wellness strategies for a healthy, happy, and motivated workforce

What’s involved?

We bring the food, the information and empower groups with the knowledge and opportunities needed to make simple changes throughout the day for better health and wellness. Happier, healthier, and more motivated employees have fewer days off sick and are more productive. Everyone wins.

How does it work?

With all our programmes, employees get healthy food preparation demonstrations and tastings with a qualified healthy-eating teacher as well as useful, practical advice from a qualified and registered nutritionist.

There’s no better way to encourage healthier cooking and food choices to motivate change than seeing it in action… Especially after tasting the delicious results!

We will demonstrate quick and easy recipes featuring wholesome and affordable ingredients. Your team will receive recipes and the confidence to continue healthy cooking at home.

With our full-day programme we include a group fitness session with a personal trainer too. It’s based on Pilates principles and is designed to improve mobility, stretch, and flexibility.

What are the options?

-       The workshops can be run as a two-hour session, a half day, or a full day.

We can also create a bespoke programme for you if you have special requirements.

-       We will work with you to theme your event according to your needs.

Examples include eating for greater performance and concentration, menopause,

gut health, and combating stress, but we can take the approach your employee circumstances dictate.

-       All our workshops include healthy food to eat during the class and a healthy goodie bag to take home, top tips on managing healthy eating when you’re busy, and handouts including a weekly planner.

-       Snacks are provided with the two-hour workshop, the half day can be delivered with snacks or

lunch, and snacks and lunch will be provided on the full day programme.

-       Depending on the facilities you have available and your preferences, the group can either watch or actively participate in the food preparation.


For in-person events we cover London and the South East of UK.

What do I need to do now?

If you’re not sure which of our workshops works best for you and your employees, or you would like to discuss designing a bespoke programme, please get in touch and we can advise you. My name is Jen Roach and can be contacted on 07470431280

For more details, click this link to contact us.

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