Fearless online cooking classes

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Fearless in the Kitchen is passionate about sharing healthy, flavourful recipes and meal ideas that are super quick, balanced, nutritious and delicious!
Learn to be Fearless in the Kitchen and try new things, make veg the centre of your lunches and dinners, have fun and introduce more healthy combinations and variety to weekday meals. So important for your health.

The Fearless in the Kitchen Cooking School focuses on the concept that what we eat is key for improving our individual health and, at the same time, recipes are developed to add fabulous flavour to healthy ingredients.



Want new ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Recipes are unique and healthy. Cook along, on-line cooking classes for healthy eating. Caters to gluten free and vegan options.

  • Tickets are £20 per household – (early evenings and daytime)

  • One week prior to class you receive a shopping list and one day before look out for an email with link and PDF recipe booklet

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