About Cooking Courses


Fearless in the Kitchen is passionate about sharing wholefood recipes and meal ideas that have maximum flavour and health benefits.


Recipes are super quick, balanced, nutritious and delicious!
Learn to be Fearless in the Kitchen and try new things, make veg the centre of your lunches and dinners, have fun and introduce more healthy combinations and variety to weekday meals. So important for your health.

The Fearless in the Kitchen Cooking School focuses on the concept that what we eat is key for improving our individual health and, at the same time, recipes are developed to add fabulous flavour to healthy ingredients.


A unique day starts with a welcoming drink and snack, then a walk to hand pick herbs and veg which we use in the recipes.
Courses are a chance to learn fast, simple flavour-packed meals from scratch, full of wholefoods, fruit and vegetables and nutritionally better food.


These courses are designed according to your food preferences, in response to the seasons, from fresh Spring produce to Autumn comfort food; healthy baking with less sugar to healthy Canapes for the festive season. The intention is to give you a
taste of country life and nature’s bounty over the course of a year, plus, new tastes, tips and ideas galore.

Courses combine eating, demonstrations and hands-on practice to inspire.


Recipes are very easy to prepare, creative, nutritious and taste great.

On the day: you eat lunch you’ve prepared and learn some new skills, acquire inspiration to cook some different things from the usual dinners and you take home the rest – dinner sorted!


Half day courses run for 3-8 people, so make for an intimate setting in which to try new tastes and flavours and learn new tips while feasting on delicious food.

Courses cover healthy mains, healthy baking, vegan cooking, vegetarian, fermenting and preserving.


Courses take place in an intimate Cottage kitchen, set in lovely farmland with an orchard and a kitchen garden from which to pick seasonal ingredients. Located in Berkshire UK.


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