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Some people know me as a green-fingered, garden-savvy, veggie-loving expert who dreams about healthy food and flavour combinations.


But you can call me Jen. My philosophy is: make veg the hero of the plate – the fashionable phrase is ‘veg forward’ eating.

My recipes are all about veg and seasonality. And, I do include meat, fish and dairy, too. It's your choice of protein!

210727_Fearless ITK_0317.jpg

Balance. Nutrition. Flavour. Yes, that’s what we inject into every recipe.



If you would like to arrange a group booking in your home please contact me using the form below. This can be a cook along together or a demonstration with healthy food to eat for lunch or dinner.


Whether you are a beginner or would like to learn some new skills or cuisines, or, want some inspirational ideas, I can help.

You may have a health challenge and would like some ideas how to eat well and gain new ideas.

And the most important part? We’ll have oodles of fun doing it! 

They don’t say “you are what you eat” for nothing. So let’s get healthier, let’s get creative and let’s get cooking.

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