Who am I?

Some people know me as a green-fingered, garden-savvy, veggie-loving expert who dreams about scrummy recipes and flavour combinations. But you can call me Jen. 

Why do I do what I do?

It all boils down to having fresh, delicious and colourful food that helps people’s health and wellbeing.


I believe everyone should be able to rustle up veg-packed meals that champion fresh ingredients and delightful combinations. That’s why you’ll leave each class with creative tips, exciting ideas and tons of mouth-watering inspiration.

What’s it all about?

Balance. Nutrition. Flavour. 

Yep, that’s what we inject into every recipe in Fearless in the Kitchen.


Remember, “healthy” doesn’t have to equal “boring”. 


In each class, we’ll learn how to create delicious recipes. 

And the most important part? We’ll have oodles of fun doing it! 

They don’t say “you are what you eat” for nothing. So let’s get healthier, let’s get creative and let’s get cooking.

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