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Increase employee health & well-being in the workplace

Our mission is to empower companies to adopt employee nutrition and wellness strategies for a healthy, happy and motivated workforce.
We offer healthy eating workshops based on making better food choices throughout the workday, menopause awareness and how we can best support menopausal symptoms with nutrition and also general healthy eating guidance.
  • More energetic and focused employees.
  • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
  • Achievable solutions and straightforward advice.
  • Fun and informative workshops to foster teamwork.
  • Help employees make better lifestyle choices.
Wellness Workshops - Themes covered include:
  • Navigating Menopause
  • How to Combat Stress
  • Optimising Digestion
  • Gut health, Mood and Immune Resilience
  • Easy and Nutritious Lunch Options
Workshops can be run as a two-hour session, a half day, or a full day.
We offer practical, fun ways to improve employee food choices, assist them to sleep better, work better and inspire your staff to make simple changes that can have a profound impact.

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Our workplace employee programs

Meet the Team

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

How does it work?

With all our programmes, employees get healthy food preparation demonstrations and tastings with a qualified healthy-eating teacher as well as useful, practical advice from a qualified and registered nutritionist. 

With our full-day programme we include a group fitness session with a personal trainer too. It’s based on Pilates principles and is designed to improve mobility, stretch, and flexibility. 

What are the options?

  • We will work with you to theme your event according to your needs. Examples include menopause, gut health, and combating stress, but we can take the approach your employee circumstances dictate.

  • All our workshops include healthy food to eat during the class and a goodie bag to take home, top tips on managing healthy eating when you’re busy, and handouts including a weekly planner.

  • Snacks are provided with the two-hour workshop, the half day can be delivered with snacks orlunch, and snacks and lunch will be provided on the full day programme.

  • Depending on the facilities you have available and your preferences, the group can either watch or actively participate in the food preparation.


Citrus Fruits

Feedback from our workshops

  • "Thanks again for coming & delivering the workshop this week, it has had rave reviews!"

  • “Great practical advice and amazing food”

  • Liked the mix of nutrition & recipes, helpful tips & yummy food”

  • “Really enjoyed the workshop, eating the healthy food. Well presented and informative.”

  • "Really loved the mix of nutrition and recipes, helpful tips & yummy food”

  • “Ideas to support my husband who is diabetic”

  • Enjoyed learning about gut health & trying tasty foods”

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