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Should You Buy An Air Fryer? The Pros And Cons

Air fryers are a hot topic. Literally! But is an air fryer right for you? Your friends may swear by them, but should you really be jumping on the bandwagon, or are they just a fad you can do without?

Well, there are a few things to think about with air fryers, so let’s look at some of the pros and cons.

Air fryers are not just for frying

A common misconception is that air fryers just give you a healthier way to fry foods. This isn’t strictly true. Air fryers work by circulating the heat from a heat source with a fan around the cooking chamber. They’re not restricted to ‘frying’ foods and won’t make unhealthy foods healthier!

Think of an air fryer more like a mini oven. You can even reheat food and bake cakes in them. Unlike a standard oven, however, when you’re cooking things like roasted vegetables, chips, meat, and fish, you will need to turn the food regularly to avoid it burning.

What are the pros of having an air fryer?

1.     They can save you money

If you’re cooking small amounts, using an air fryer will be cheaper than heating up a standard oven. This is useful if you regularly cook for one or two people, whether you have a small household or people eat at different times. You can also cook baked potatoes in the microwave and crisp them up in your air fryer.

2.     There are health benefits

Air fryers make it easier to avoid unhealthier foods. You can roast vegetables, make chips, and cook fish, meat, and other foods in minimal amounts of oil, rather than frying in a pan or deep fat fryer. Just toss your vegetables in seasoning and a teaspoon of oil, or rub a little oil into your meat, fish, or halloumi if necessary.

3.     Different capacity air fryers mean you can get one that suits you

Depending on the size of your household, what you’ll be using it for, and how much space you have, you can choose an air fryer to suit your needs and budget. Some have two baskets that allow different cooking times and temperatures to be used at the same time.

4.     Air fryers are easy to clean

The basket or cooking area is smaller than an oven and much easier to clean after you use it.

5.     They save time

Air fryers take very little time to heat up, unlike a standard oven. Good, fast food can be even faster!

What are the cons of having an air fryer?

1.     They take up space

If you have limited counter or cupboard space, you’ll want to know you’ll use your air fryer regularly enough to warrant the room – or are prepared to get it out every time you need it. Although, anecdotally, I have heard some people don't use their ovens anymore and store their air fryer in the oven cavity!

2.     Air fryers have a limited capacity

If you’re feeding a large family, it may be easier or more cost effective to turn on your oven. However, you can now buy large air fryers for family sized meals.

3.     Some more expensive air fryers can be complicated

Like most things, air fryers are available at many price points. Do your research into which one would be best for you. Some have multiple preset functions and other options. Work out what you need: the more expensive models are not always worth the extra money.

Getting the most out of your air fryer

Most people find an air fryer is a positive addition to their kitchen – especially if you know how to get the most out of it.

The Fearless in the Kitchen air fryer classes are designed to teach you all the tips and tricks – along with some great recipes – to ensure you’ll use yours to its full potential. We have online air fryer classes you can cook along with or just watch and learn – why not come along and find out more?

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