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Impact of Menopause Awareness in the Workplace

Healthy Strategies Supporting Menopause In The Workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is getting a lot of press, along with the responsibilities employers face. Increasingly, the importance of understanding and awareness of menopause in the workplace will mean women can continue in their working life without stigma or being penalised. Getting it wrong – or not getting it at all – can be costly.

Employment law can be applied to menopause at work as certain pieces of legislation cover it. The Equality Act 2010 (protected characteristics), the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (safe working conditions), and Acas’s new codes of practice surrounding flexible working all provide for issues that can arise around menopause.

It’s great news for employees and it’s not all bad news for employers. Making sure your employees are informed and supported can make a positive difference for everyone in your workplace.

How can employers support menopause in the workplace?

Employers can use health and wellbeing days to promote information and advice on the menopause. Companies can utilise fun and educational strategies to increase understanding and awareness of menopause and its implications in the workplace.

According to Anne Hayes, of the British Standard Institution (BSI), which recently published a new standard for businesses on menstruation, menstrual health, and menopause in the workplace:

“In workplace cultures where menstrual health is openly discussed and employees and organisations work collaboratively to identify appropriate support or adjustments, employees perform at their best.” 

Wellbeing days should increase employees’ opportunities to support themselves and others in living more happily and healthily.

Healthy-eating workshops are the ideal way to achieve this. Improved wellbeing, productivity, and performance go hand in hand with better health choices.

How can nutritional workshops help with menopause?

Healthy eating can have many positive benefits. Helping employees adopt positive nutrition and wellness strategies can lead to a more motivated workforce. And eating the right foods during menopause can be a powerful way to manage symptoms.

Healthy-eating workshops can be a fun way for employees to learn practical approaches to help them deal with menopause, whether in relation to themselves or others. Workshops can help with heathy eating on a general level and open up a conversation about menopause and its impact. They can help to develop an understanding of the issues around menopause at work.

It’s important for everyone to be better informed - managers and colleagues, men and women.

How to raise awareness with information and education about the menopause

Healthy-eating and menopause workshops can be useful in various areas of a business. Making better food choices at work and at home can have a significant impact on all aspects of our lives. Employees will work better, sleep better, and be more productive. Understanding how menopause affects us as individuals and others in general – and how to proactively deal with it - can be very powerful.

Healthy eating and menopause workshops can be:

-              included as part of an organisation’s inclusion and diversity training for the whole workforce

-              integrated into an induction programme for new starters

-              a great way for colleagues to spend time together in a fun environment

-              useful for team bonding

You can educate and support your employees’ awareness and understanding of menopause with our workplace healthy-eating workshops. We run them in London and the South East and we bring and prepare healthy, delicious food your employees can taste. We tailor our menopause workshops to educate and inspire employees to eat more healthily and to increase awareness of menopause and its associated issues. Why not get in touch for more information?

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