Jen Roach and Jenny Tschiesche are offering a specially designed course for school leavers and undergraduates who are about to move away from home and cook for themselves for the first time.  The course is designed to boost confidence and develop students’ culinary skills and knowledge of cooking, giving them the ability, inspiration and enthusiasm to whip up delicious, affordable meals for flatmates, family and friends. The course is interactive: cook along with Jen and Jenny,  with lots of tips and tricks to learn along the way. The meals we cover are quick, easy, healthy and affordable. 

 You receive a shopping list a week prior to the class and a PDF recipe booklet to keep.
£45 per household 
DECEMBER Thursday 17th

10:30am - 12 NOON



JANUARY  Wednesday 6th

10:30am - 12 NOON

JANUARY Saturday 9th

10:30am - 12 NOON




Learning points:

  1. How to Season Food?  Students will understand the necessary balance between salt, sugar, fat and how to use a base range of spices and herbs to really bring their dishes to life.

  2. Your Basic Store Cupboard – what is really necessary and what is nice to have

  3. Meal Planning – how to prepare a simple 3-day meal plan, building a shopping list from the plan that’s within budget

  4. Where to Buy What on a Budget? Find out which shops to buy from & what to buy for the best quality low cost ingredients