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Passionate about cooking and want to master a new dish or cuisine?

Running out of ideas for your specific dietary requirement?

Looking for recipes that fit your lifestyle? 

Welcome to Private Virtual Classes

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Designed for you

You are completely unique.

So, your meals can be too.

Whether you love cooking and want to master a technique, learn a new set of recipes, increase your cooking confidence or discover new skills - private, bespoke classes are 75 minutes and designed especially for you.

You’ll get dedicated time with a professional cooking teacher who has experience with dietary constraints.

Recipes can be created to cater for food allergies and intolerances.

Whether you're dairy-free, have a fish and shellfish allergy, nut-free or gluten-free, we can find the perfect recipes for you.

Perhaps you're pre-diabetic, looking to improve your gut health, vegetarian, vegan, need to lower your sugar intake or need high or low protein requirements.


A private booking means: time to discuss your exact needs before the class and time to understand where you are with your cooking and where you want to be. One class or a series of 3 classes.


So get ready to make lip-smacking, healthy meals, jam-packed with veg and natural goodness, designed completely around you. 

How it works:


We’ll have a one to one chat before the class to understand your specific wants, needs and goals to plan the perfect recipes for you.


Once we have honed down exactly what you are looking for, we’ll schedule a date in the diary. You receive a shopping list a week beforehand and a PDF recipe booklet and zoom link the day before the class, in case you would like to print it out.


Today’s the day! We’ll connect over zoom, and I’ll take you through the class step by step. You’ll have the time to ask plenty of questions throughout, and we can go at a pace that suits you.

How to book

Click the button below to secure your ticket at £80 per household. Or sign up for a series of 3 classes at the times that suit you for £225. Please complete the form, so we can understand exactly how to make the perfect bespoke class for you.

Tell us more

Pop down your details and write in the message section what you would like to get out of a private class. 
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