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Nutrition & Wellbeing

Our mission is to empower companies to adopt employee nutrition and wellness strategies for a healthy, happy and motivated workforce.

Employee Wellbeing Workshops

How does it work?

  • With all our programmes, employees get healthy food preparation demonstrations and tastings with a qualified healthy-eating teacher as well as useful, practical advice from a qualified and registered nutritionist. 

  • With our full-day programme we include a group fitness session with a personal trainer too. It’s based on Pilates principles and is designed to improve mobility, stretch, and flexibility. 

What are the options?​

  • We will work with you to theme your event according to your needs. Examples include menopause, gut health, and combating stress, but we can take the approach your employee circumstances dictate.

  • All our workshops include healthy food to eat during the class and a goodie bag to take home, top tips on managing healthy eating when you’re busy, and handouts including a weekly planner.

  • Snacks are provided with the two-hour workshop, the half day can be delivered with snacks orlunch, and snacks and lunch will be provided on the full day programme.

  • Depending on the facilities you have available and your preferences, the group can either watch or actively participate in the food preparation

Themes covered include:

  • Navigating Menopause

  • How to Combat Stress

  • Optimising Digestion

  • Gut health, Mood and Immune Resilience

  • Easy and Nutritious Lunch Options

Format of Workshops

  • Workshops can be run as a two-hour session, a half day, or a full day.

  • We offer practical, fun ways to improve employee food choices, assist them to sleep better, work better and inspire your staff to make simple changes that have a profound impact.

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