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Fearless Workplace Wellness

I am Jen Roach. Coming from the corporate world, I appreciate the challenges of healthy eating in the workplace and have run a healthy eating cooking school for the last 10 years. Beyond my practical experience, I have a Diploma in Nutrition in Culinary Practice from Leith's. 

Increase employee health & well-being in the workplace​

Why should employers promote the benefits of good nutrition at work?

How can a workplace wellness programme promote healthy eating? 

Recent research has estimated that the UK economy loses £138bn every year due to poor health at work.

Giving employees the tools to stay happy and healthy is a win for the individual - and a win for a business. 

Team leaders promoting healthy eating at work shows your employees you value health and wellness. It can be a fun, engaging way to offer something extra to your employees that benefits them and your business at the same time.


Attract and retain talented people, engage them with opportunities to increase team work, nutritional understanding and ability to concentrate throughout the day.


Fun, healthy eating workshops based on making better food choices include ideas for healthy snacks and lunches, how to manage stress, menopause awareness around the best nutrition and also general healthy eating guidance.

Fearless Workplace Wellness


Empowering workplaces with nutrition and wellness workshops


  • More energetic and focused employees.

  • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

  • Achievable solutions and straightforward advice.

  • Fun and informative workshops to foster teamwork.

  • Help employees make better lifestyle choices.

Flexible and Personalised Programs

Managers, team leaders, HR professionals often seek team building and other well-being initiatives. We can create a workshop around your wellness goals and aligned with company values.


Although employees and employers are aware of healthy solutions, they often lack ideas for implementation. We bring all the 'ingredients' and expertise for team building through fun activities. The client only needs to organise the venue and gather the employees. 


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“ Thanks again for coming & delivering the workshop this week, it has had rave reviews!  ”

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